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Net Now High-Speed Internet offers the fastest speeds out there over our advanced fiber-optic network. It's way faster than DSL. Enjoy faster downloads and uploads, and get valuable extras like online security, Address Book, and more. Welcome to a New online experience.


  • Watch streaming HD movies online.
  • Dominate games with less lag.
  • Download music and upload photos in the blink of an eye.
  • Get blazing fast connections.

Online Entertainment

  • Enjoy full access to, where you can share photos, listen to your favorite music, shop, and play games.
  • Check TV listings and access over 130,000 news and entertainment videos from Fox Sports, E!, and more.

Security Tools

Help keep your family safe from growing online threats.
  • Get the highly-acclaimed McAfee Security Suite-a $100 value-FREE.
  • Also get identity protection, anti-spyware, and pop-up blockers.

Communication Center

Welcome to an amazing fusion of e-mail, voice messages, and contacts in one convenient place-with access from any Internet connection.
  • Get 10 email accounts, each with 10 GB of storage.
  • Listen to your voice mail from your PC and in any order.
  • Forward voice messages to others by email.
  • Combine the contacts from your cell phone, email, and work.
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